Our turnkey installations make Slade Associates, Inc. the sole source of responsibility for your vacuum system—from sourcing to installing to starting the vacuum system. Our customers are put at ease knowing there is only one source of responsibility for their turnkey vacuum system.

Central Systems

Our central vacuum systems consist of tubing with multiple pickup points as required to keep your facility safe and clean per OSHA and NFPA requirements. These are continuous duty systems with single vacuum producers that can also be used for explosive dusts.

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High-Velocity Dust Collection for Hand Held Sanders, Grinders and Finishing Tools

Our high-velocity dust collection vacuum systems pick up and remove debris from hand held sanders, grinders and finishing tools at the source created. These collectors are a necessity for maintaining a clean and safe work environment by collecting material at the generation point.

Explosion-Proof Vacuums

Our explosion proof vacuums are ETL certified to UL and CSA standards. Featuring fully grounded, static dissipating designs that are guaranteed to be spark free, these systems are made from the highest quality materials and can be custom fit to your needs. We offer portable, dry type, immersion (wet) type and central vacuum systems.

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Portable Vacuums and Power Lifts

Portable Units for Explosive and Non-Explosive Applications Our portable units for non-explosive applications include filter type, wet type for oil or liquid spills, electric, pneumatic (compressed air) or battery pack. Our sump vacuum is specifically designed for picking up oil and various liquids, collecting and pumping at the same time to allow for continuous clean-up.

Our power lift is ideal for conveying bulk materials with a removable storage hopper of up to 40 cubic feet storage capacity. The hopper can be easily removed and transported with it’s built-in forklift channels. We can offer up to 16 “H.G” or up to 220″ W.C. of continuous vacuum.

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