We provide a complete range of cartridge filters for dust collection, process filtration or liquid filtration. Designed in a wide variety of sizes, our replacement cartridge filters are available to fit almost all dust collection equipment available in the marketplace today.

Dust Collector Filters

Our collection of bag and cartridge filters keep dust collectors operating at peak performance, while providing significant energy cost savings.

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High-capacity filter bags and cartridges provide consistent filtration of fluids in a wide variety of applications. We also offer the flexibility to configure custom filters that meet your unique needs.

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We can reverse engineer nearly any foreign filters thus saving you money, cutting lead times, reducing quantities of stocked filters necessary, and changing efficiencies as the equipment requirements change.

Air Filters

Our selection of panel filters, pleated bag filters, steel filters, chevron filters, HEPA filters and charcoal filters keep dust and dirt from decreasing the air flow and decreasing energy consumption, while protecting your system from damage.

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Process Filters

In such applications where your filter must handle hot, corrosive or caustic fluids, or where the equipment is subjected to shock and vibration, we provide a complete line of high-pressure, high-temperature filters designed to withstand the most hostile environments. Whether for dry particulate or liquid filtration, we have the experience and knowledge to design or redesign a filter to function better in your situation or application.

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Compressor Filters

Airborne particles, water, microbes and chemical gases that enter compressors can become concentrated and more destructive without the right filters. Our line of compressor filters efficiently removes solid and liquid contaminants from compressed air, thus prolonging downstream filter life.

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Filtration Systems

We provide clean air solutions for a wide variety of indoor air quality problems. Welding smoke, oil mist, grinding dust, fume and odor control are a sampling of the airborne contaminants our customized filtrations systems can address. We can also help analyze your liquid filtration systems to help evaluate their performance.


We are committed to giving our customers a competitive edge in the industry. In addition to continuously developing new filters exclusively designed for our customers’ unique applications, we re-engineer existing filter products to increase efficiency, filter life, and in some cases, to decrease filter life to coincide with scheduled equipment maintenance.

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