Factory Direct Dealers



Slade Associates, Inc. is a leader in the air pollution control industry. We are highly qualified experts in all aspects of air pollution control and can help you choose the right piece of equipment for the application. We can answer any questions you may have regarding sizing, application, regulations or compliance, and most other related application issues.



Tired of being treated like just another sales company? We specialize in providing the best customer service and sales support in the industry.

  • Most orders can be tracked on the factory web site
  • We provide you with the sales tools to succeed: boiler plate pricing, literature, drawings, pricing and specifications are available on CD-Rom or there is a printed version.
  • In addition to our high level of customer service, we also have the shortest standard lead times in the industry
  • Special discounts are given to our dealers which provide a competitive advantage.



We can offer in house training programs that cover our extensive line of equipment. We are available to size and recommend solutions to meet your customer’s needs. Having sold over 15,000 systems, there aren’t too many applications we haven’t seen. We are also available to make joint calls which provides hands on experience in gathering situational data that goes to sizing and selecting equipment best suited for your application.

PLEASE CALL OR Email to see how our partnership can work for you.