Snap-Together Ductwork

With our snap-together ductwork, each section of duct has a rolled edge that is joined quickly with a simple tool-free clamp. The ductwork attaches easily to existing duct systems with an in-cut, tap-in or adapter allowing customers to switch from flanged or spiral duct in stages as changes are made to their machinery or floor plan. The snap-together ductwork installs in about half the time of flanged ducting, reducing downtime for installation, floor plan changes and maintenance, so all future design changes to your ductwork can be done quickly and easily. The snap-together duct systems align perfectly, so that long runs are even and have minimal static pressure loss.

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Fabricated Ductwork

Our fabricated ductwork can be specially manufactured by our team. We can provide and install custom fabricated ductwork to exact specifications based on customers’ new system requirements or create ductwork modifications to an existing system.

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Flanged Ductwork

Our flanged ducting joins two pieces of duct using metal flanges. Flanges are fit over each end of the pipe and the edge of the duct is turned up to keep the flange in place. The flanges are then simply bolted together to join pieces.

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Standard or Custom Hoods

We offer standard or custom hoods for every application. Industrial and custom hoods are available in a variety of types and materials for virtually any application and can be manufactured to any size. We offer standard types or custom fabrication to specific customer requirements.

Ductwork for Any Application

We offer a wide variety of ductwork for oil, mist, smoke, dust, fumes, acids and virtually any application. The snap-together clamp is the best sealing duct clamp for most applications and has set the standard for use in industrial dust, mist, smoke and fume collection. We can provide ductwork installation drawing for most projects and installations.

Ductwork Made from Any Material

We’re there for you with all the duct support, duct reinforcement and duct connectors needed for your job, and are experienced with galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials for corrosive duty.

Custom Ductwork

We provide custom fabrication for support structures, spark arrestors and platforms, complementing your collection system.

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